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Report provides compensation summary

Want an online, personalized summary of your compensation from Texas Woman’s?  Check out the Total Compensation Report (TCR).

The report summarizes the total value of your calendar year compensation from TWU, including health and retirement plans, paid time off, and other benefits. The value of your benefits, added to your pay, produces your total compensation.

To access your information, log in to the TCR. If you’re running the report off campus, you must have VPN access.

To view the report:

  • Click on the Total Compensation Report icon
  • Select your name in the dropdown box at top left
  • Select a year
  • Click the “View Report” button at top right

The report is not the same as your monthly pay slip. The monthly pay slip is a record of actual payments, while the TCR is a comprehensive review of all employer contributions.

The TCR provides information about the value of all your benefits. The earnings shown on your TCR generally will be higher than your W-2 federal taxable earnings because any before-tax benefit contributions you made are subtracted out of your gross taxable earnings for W-2 tax reporting.

If you have questions about earnings, accruals and leave in the TCR, contact:

For medical, basic life or retirement, contact: