Performance evaluation deadline nearing

UPDATE: The completion date for the Performance Evaluation process has been extended to Friday, Oct. 9.


The final phase of the Staff Performance Evaluation process is nearing. Performance Evaluation Meetings should be underway and should be completed by Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Performance Evaluation Meetings

  • First- level supervisors may conduct the Performance Evaluation Meeting after the second-level supervisor has approved the Performance Evaluation
  • After the Performance Evaluation Meeting occurs, first-level supervisors must open the evaluation and click on “I have met with my employee”
  • Employees will receive a workflow email where they may enter comments and acknowledge receipt of the evaluation
  • The deadline for Performance Evaluation Meetings to occur is Sept. 30

Contact Cyndee Tanttari at cntanttari@twu.edu or 940-898-3553 or Tony Yardley at ayardley@twu.edu or 940-898-3563 if you have questions.

Note to Supervisors: Supervisor and employee reporting structures in the Performance Evaluation System (SharePoint) reflect previous department entries and/or updates in the Phoenix system. If updates to the reporting structure in SharePoint are needed, please email Cyndee Tanttari at ctanttari@twu.edu with updates.