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Learn how to de-stress in September

September is a time of transition – especially now, with children going back to school, fall sports in full swing, and many people starting to return to the workplace. For the month of September, the focus is on strategies to balance our many obligations, hobbies, and important relationships.

In a day, we all start with the same 24 hours. If you work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours each day, add in a lunch hour and a commute, you are left with 6-7 hours each day for household tasks, exercise, time with your loved ones and your hobbies.

The question is, how do you feel when you get to the non-“working” part of your day? Do you have energy to do all the things you want to do? Many of us would like to spend more “quality” time with our family and friends, exercise more, eat healthy food, etc., but don’t have energy at the end of the day.

Learning to uni-task, or do one thing at a time, taking brain breaks, and eliminating distractions is a scientifically proven way to keep your brain healthy, reduce fatigue, and increase energy levels. This month, through the ERS Wellness Webinars and Walk & Talk Podcast, you will hear experts discuss ways to do this. 

You can register for these events and more through the ERS Wellness Events Calendar.

Contact Angela Cagle at or the ERS wellness coordinator at if you have questions.