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Get ready for Staff Performance Evaluation

The start of the Staff Performance Evaluation process was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s time for staff members to reflect on how well they performed their job duties June 1, 2019-May 31, 2020.

While there will be no merit raises this year, the process will continue as a tool for employees and supervisors to document achievements, evaluate performance and track goals. All regular full- and part-time employees hired before May 1, 2020, are required to take part in the performance evaluation process.

In addition to the delayed start date, the Office of Human Resources has provided for flexible targeted completion dates and expanded the completion period:

  • June 22-30 — Online supervisor/employee refresher training
  • July 1-14 — Self-Appraisals to be entered by employees
  • July 15-Aug. 12 — Performance evaluations entered by first-level supervisors
  • Aug. 13-27 — Performance evaluations reviewed and approved by second-level supervisors
  • Aug. 31-Sept. 30 — Performance evaluation meetings with employees

Links to updated online training and the staff evaluation system in SharePoint will be provided via email from the Office of Human Resources.

Contact Tony Yardley at ayardley@twu.edu or Cyndee Tanttari at ctanttari@twu.edu if you have questions.