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White Coat Ceremony held for Dallas nursing students

One hundred and forty-one first-semester nursing students at the Dallas campus participated in the White Coat Ceremony on Feb. 20.

The White Coat Ceremony serves as an essential rite of passage into the healthcare profession for nursing students. It symbolizes the transition to clinical training and infuses professional identity formation. The ceremony and oath emphasize the values of excellence, compassion, collaboration, and caring in their nursing practice.

Opening remarks were given by new Dallas campus President, Monica Christopher. She encouraged the students to "Boldly Go" into the community to bring the highest quality of care and compassion to the patients and their families.

Associate Clinical Professor Michele Trinka compared nursing in the 1970s to nursing today. She noted that while many things have changed, the core of nursing – teaching, empathy, communication, and therapeutic touch - have not.

Afterward, 141 students were recognized in the ceremony.