Houston Happenings, 6-12-19

  • Nursing faculty and students conducted lectures, workshops and PICO (Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) presentations at the 2nd Annual International Conference May 16-17 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The event was part of the Vietnam Cultural Immersion Study Abroad, held May 13-27. Presentations included: Sandra Cesario, “Gynecologic Cancers;” Rebecca Aulbach, “Triage nursing: Roles and Protocols for Practice;” Joan Edwards, “Breast Feeding and Milk Bank,” and “Interactive Perinatal Evidence-Based Workshop” with Brenda Moore; Nina Fredland, “Trauma Informed Care;” Sabrenda Littles and Thuba To, “Infusion Therapy: Considerations, Implications, and Practice for Nurses;” Matthew Schlueter, “Sepsis Screening and Infection Prevention in the Emergency Department;” Suzette Stone and Sonia Riley, “Art and Science of Wound Care.” A total of 22 undergraduate students and two Ph.D. students from the Dallas and Houston campuses conducted eight poster presentations. Vi Ho planned and coordinated TWU’s participation with faculty/staff from the University Medical Center, Vietnam. Ho, Edwards and Peggy Landrum were faculty of record for the Vietnam study abroad 2019 course.
  • Vi Ho (nursing) co-authored “Using the Stage-Based Approaches to Predict Breast Self-Examination Among Rural Vietnamese Women,” which was published May 16 in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health.