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'Freestyle Fridays' offer stress relief

Have you heard about “Freestyle Fridays” at the Houston Campus Library? Each Friday, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., the library offers coloring, painting, puzzles, knitting, checkers, and more to provide a break from studying or the work week.

Library services specialist Jose-Luis Quintero started the program in October as an outreach effort to promote library services.

“We saw the need for a relaxing time during the week, since health sciences majors study a lot and often are stressed about academics,” he said.

The crafts and games are left on tables in the library for visitors to play or interact with on their own or with others. Quintero said students have reacted positively to the program.

Quintero said while students use the program the most, it also is open to faculty and staff as a way to unwind from work.