Denton Construction Update - 3/28/18

Institutional Development Building (IDB) Renovation

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, construction work began on the renovation of the Institutional Development Building (IDB), home of University Advancement. The department has relocated temporarily, and the building is considered a hard-hat required construction zone and should not be entered by unauthorized personnel. Completion is scheduled for the first week in May 2018.

Jones Hall Renovation First Floor (Formerly Fitness and Recreation)

Starting Monday, April 3, 2018, construction work will begin to convert the space on the first floor of Jones Hall, formerly occupied by Fitness and Recreation, into the new location for Student Health Services. Orange fencing will surround the immediate construction area. The exterior contractor staging area will be in a lot on the east side of the building. It also will be marked off with fencing.  During the project, two accessible parking spaces and four other parking spots that face the entry to East Jones Hall will not be available.  You may continue to enter East Jones through the main entry door. Please take care while walking or driving golf carts in the area. Do not enter the marked construction area. This project is expected to be complete by early August 2018.

P3 Housing Village

During Spring Break, the construction site for the new Housing Village—three buildings that will accommodate more than 800 beds and administrative offices—was fenced off around the old soccer field and Pioneer Park.  For safety purposes, access to this fenced area is restricted to authorized construction personnel only.  To help offset the loss of parking spaces south and east of the soccer field, an all-decal temporary parking lot with 138 spaces has been constructed east of the Facilities Management & Construction Service Center. The new lot is located between the existing parking lot and the golf course, with its access near the Golf Course Club House.   

The majority of the construction activities will be conducted inside the fenced areas, however, there will be utility work in the parking lot north of Pioneer Hall and South of DGL.  Also, earth moving with large trucks is taking place just south of the tennis courts.  Please be observant when walking, driving golf carts or vehicles and do not enter the marked construction area. This project is expected to be complete in fall 2019.