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Alumni Engagement serves the TWU System

Since the university’s founding, alumni have been one of TWU’s greatest assets. Our Alumni Engagement office, part of the Division of University Advancement, focuses on engaging with all Texas Woman’s system alumni, whether they attended classes on our Dallas, Houston or Denton campuses or online. More recently, the university added resources and staff to expand the opportunities offered to our 119,000 alumni, who are located across Texas and around the world.

The alumni association is a separate organization that previously worked directly with TWU and the TWU Foundation under two interdependent agreements established in 2016. The association ended their agreement with the TWU Foundation earlier this year, which in turn triggered the dissolution of the other agreement. With this change, the alumni association is no longer affiliated with or sponsored by the university. 

TWU alumni will continue to be served by the Texas Woman’s Alumni Engagement office led by Executive Director Jasmine Carter.

“We welcome all alumni to be involved, and we provide many opportunities to do so with alumni-specific programming including professional development, community outreach and social networking,” said Vice President of University Advancement Kimberly Russell, Ed.D. “We are in the midst of a new strategic plan for alumni engagement and will be gathering feedback from our alumni through surveys and focus groups as part of this process. We want our alumni to know they are an integral part of the university’s success.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the TWU Alumni Engagement office has offered a variety of online programs available to alumni across the country. The university has gradually resumed in-person alumni-related events in six cities across Texas and, this month, in Washington, D.C., and is planning in-person and virtual Homecoming and reunion festivities for all three campuses April 29-30, 2022.

With our increasing diversity throughout the TWU System, we know the university must consciously implement alumni programs, services, and communications so that every Texas Woman’s graduate feels a genuine sense of belonging to the university community and its alumni engagement efforts,” Russell said. “We also want to ensure that alumni volunteers, staffing, and engagement programs reflect the full diversity of our alumni community and that all activities and events are inclusive.”

Learn more about alumni opportunities by visiting the TWU Alumni Engagement website at