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Alumni Chapter establishes scholarship endowment

Distinguished alumna Lucyle Hook, PhD (‘22) was an unwavering supporter of Texas Woman's University who provided scholarships through the Southern California Chapter, enabling California students to attend TWU.

In remembrance of Hook and as a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Texas Woman's Alumni Southern California Chapter and its members, the chapter established the Texas Woman's Alumni Southern California Chapter Scholarship Endowment in collaboration with the TWU Foundation. The scholarship aims to benefit students of any major, with a preference for those from California.

Madeline Gose, the current recipient of the scholarship, broke tradition in her family by pursuing college at TWU and cites the support she received from the Southern California Chapter in her achievement. A kinesiology major and member of the TWU Gymnastics team, Gose is slated to graduate in Spring 2024.

Through the Southern California Chapter’s endowment, Hook's legacy lives on, ensuring the broadest possible impact in supporting aspiring scholars.