Master Plan & Space (10-9-19 update)

The Master Plan and Space initiative was established to create a master plan for space usage — both natural and constructed — and to create a Space Utilization Advisory Committee (SUAC) to identify space needs and effectively manage the space on TWU’s campuses.

The master plan has been completed and approved by the Board of Regents. It now guides the university’s space planning. For example, parking for the new Parliament Village was constructed in alignment with the master plan. 

SUAC has completed two years of operation. Made up of representatives from all three campuses, it makes space recommendations to the chancellor. SUAC has created a workflow for space decisions, a form for submitting space requests, and a website to keep TWU abreast of the committee’s work. 

SUAC is in the process of expanding its role to include prioritization of capital projects submitted annually by university stakeholders. Membership will be increased to accommodate this larger role.


Written by the Strategic Plan Design Team