Visibility Initiative

The Visibility Initiative has drawn on a comprehensive strategy to increase the visibility and awareness of the university among all of our constituents.  There are two areas of focus for this initiative: visual awareness and building relationships.

On the visual awareness side, you likely have noticed more maroon-and-white “logo” walls in various campus locations, more photography and the appearance of TWU’s first mascot, Oakley, making guest appearances at university events.

For instance, when the Union at Hubbard Hall opens, the “Pioneer Wall” will feature key alumni, the global wall will illustrate the university’s reach, and the history wall will highlight our legacy.  Signage and color schemes have been chosen to emphasize our school colors, and branding and key messages will be reinforced throughout the space.

Faculty, staff and students can now purchase a growing number of products with the new logo in the bookstore and online.  

There is a new student-designed Pioneer Plaid, which should be available through Collegiate Tartan by this fall—when the Denton Target also plans to offer TWU products.

Because of TWU’s new licensing program, the university entered into a relationship with Club Level Brands to provide access to unique, high-quality products and brands, such as Vera Bradley, that have the TWU logo. In addition to Vera Bradley merchandise, TWU supporters can also order specialty rings and pendants from San Jose  Jewelers through their University Collection.

This year we also instituted the university’s first statewide advertising program that includes billboards, print ads, radio spots and digital billboards in the Houston and Austin airports.   

In addition, we have expanded our media coverage across the state and beyond (as captured in regular “TWU in the Headlines” emails) as well as social media posts. We also created a documentary, “Mack Minded,” that recently won top honors in its category at the Denton Thin Line festival.  

The Chancellor continues to expand her role as “Brand Champion” for TWU, from her roles on key boards to a monthly digital newsletter about TWU that reaches 55,000 community leaders and residents, donors and alumni.

Of course, TWU’s website continues to feature more stories and photos of university achievements and successes—TWU’s 24/7 global communications channel.

And at all Commencement ceremonies, the scrolling powerpoint about TWU “brags” continues to expand, currently reaching more than 10,000 visitors and family members every year.  This powerpoint is being made available for such uses as: welcoming new employees, for Admissions and Alumni events, for website visitors and the like.

On the relationship-building side, TWU visibility has increased in Denton with more than 20 Denton-area businesses now offering special deals to TWU students, faculty and staff.  

Efforts are being made to establish business and community relationships in Houston and Dallas as well.  For example, the 2018 and 2019 America College of Healthcare Executives regional meetings were hosted by TWU Dallas and TWU Houston.  

We also launched a “Boldly Go” statewide alumni tour that began in Fort Worth and Austin, with plans to include stops in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio in coming months.  

For more information, contact initiative champions Cindy Pollard and Ainsley Nibert


Written by the Strategic Plan Design Team