Belonging Initiative

This initiative aspires to create a sustainable Culture of Belonging where all faculty, staff, students and alumni feel connected to the TWU community across all campuses. The ideals guiding this committee work include developing a campus ethos and Culture of Belonging that provides individuals the freedom to express their genuine selves and the opportunity to connect with others. The Committee has been developing a comprehensive multi-prong approach to identifying core components of a Culture of Belonging.

The Committee has also actively been creating processes for gathering baseline data to drive TWU-specific initiatives. The Caring study received IRB approval to conduct interviews from members of the TWU community. The Committee is also conducting a quantitative data review from staff and student surveys from past 5 years.  We are reviewing data from the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSI), Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL), National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL) and Gallup Excelencia.

Additional activities include:

  1. Lunch and learn presentation of belonging/caring literature review by Emily Munro, honors student in Nursing in April.
  2. Focus groups with student organizations to discuss experiences with belonging on campus Spring/Summer 2019.  
  3. Focus groups with staff to discuss experiences with belonging at work to be planned for Summer 2019.  
  4. Focus groups with faculty to discuss experiences with belonging on campus to be planned for Fall 2019.  
  5. Discussing programming for first generation college students.  Identifying faculty and staff who are first generation college students and presenting at Pioneer Camp.
  6. Surveying colleges about existing faculty peer mentoring programs.

For additional information, contact initiative champions Monica Mendez-Grant, Abigail Tilton, Becky Spencer, or Stephanie Brown.


Written by the Strategic Plan Design Team