Strategic Plan Updates

Visibility Initiative

The Visibility Initiative has drawn on a comprehensive strategy to increase the visibility and awareness of the university among all of our constituents.  There are two areas of focus for this

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Belonging Initiative

This initiative aspires to create a sustainable Culture of Belonging where all faculty, staff, students and alumni feel connected to the TWU community across all campuses. The ideals guiding this

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Innovative Academic Programs II

The article from last week regarding the Innovative Academic Programs initiative ended with the identification of three programs that will be moving rapidly toward implementation. This week’s article

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Purposeful Partnerships

The Purposeful Partnership Initiative contributes to Texas Woman’s vision by establishing and strengthening our strategic relationships with current and potential collaborators beyond our campus

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Talent Initiative

The objective of the Talent Initiative is to create a comprehensive university strategy to attract, acquire, develop, and retain diverse talent necessary for long-term university success. The first

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