Oakley and Dr Feyten -ITWU.jpg
Oakley listens to Dr. Feyten as she tells Fort Worth alumni about the latest activities at TWU. Photo courtesy of COPE Dean Lisa Huffman

Chancellor hosts first 'Boldly Go' event

Nearly 100 TWU alumni and friends joined university academic and administrative leaders in Fort Worth Tuesday, Oct. 9, to hear Chancellor Feyten talk about “Texas-sized achievements” (from the Denton building boom to Mary L.A. Stanton’s recent historic gift) at their alma mater.  The event—the first of a “Boldly Go” statewide TWU alumni tour—was hosted by TWU alumna and Regent Nancy Paup and her husband, Ted, at the River Crest Country Club.

Lindsay Allen, a TWU sophomore who plans to be an elementary education teacher in Fort Worth, addressed the crowd about her pride and experiences at TWU.  Then, Ted Paup announced his surprise investment in four projects over the next two years to honor his wife’s long service to TWU:

  • creation of an exhibit of TWU’s  “Forgotten Nine” art faculty,
  • hiring of a research assistant to work with TWU’s special collections team to pursue more information about artist Toni LaSelle in the “Forgotten Nine,”
  • commissioning of a painting for the 80th anniversary of the Little Chapel in the Woods, and
  • a new Save our Students (SOS) fund to help students overcome obstacles towards graduation.