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Staff self-appraisals due June 14

The 2018-2019 Performance Review period (June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019) has ended, and the SharePoint system is now available for self-appraisals to be entered by staff employees.

Training for staff employees and supervisors of staff employees is available online. First, access the Self Appraisals and Performance Evaluations in Share Point, then follow the Instructions for Employees to Initiate the Self Appraisal. Self appraisals must be entered by June 14.

Supervisors of staff employees may enter the performance evaluation for an employee after the self appraisal is complete and has been reviewed. Supervisors of staff employees will receive an automatic workflow email with a link to review the self appraisal along with an additional link to their supervisor page to complete the performance evaluation. Supervisors must complete staff employee performance evaluations by June 28. The deadline for second-level supervisors to approve performance evaluations is July 12.

All regular part-time and full-time staff employees hired prior to May 1, 2019 are required to participate in the Self Appraisal and Performance Evaluation process. Contact Cyndee Tanttari, 81-3553 or ctanttari@twu.edu, or Tony Yardley, 81-3563 or ayardley@twu.edu, if you have questions.