Show the heart of a Pioneer

It's not too late to join us! Part of the pride of being a PI♥NEER is the dedicated service of you, the incredible TWU faculty and staff. TWU students may be our purpose, but we make TWU a place the students want to be.

But guess what?! There is a NEW incentive for you to give to TWU! Not only will you receive the PI♥NEER license plate gift, but if you set up a new payroll deduction or make a one-time donation of at lease $35, you will receive special edition TWU socks as pictured above. (If this already applies to you for 2019, your pair will be arriving soon.

Just like any pioneer from history, the heart of a TWU Pioneer thrives on opportunity, collaborates with others to achieve shared goals, faces challenges with creativity, values diversity, cares about the well-being of others and themselves, and seeks excellence in all they do.

Please show the heart of a PI♥NEER by establishing a payroll deduction or by making a secure online donation today.

Contact Adam Hengeveld at or x3851 if you have any questions, or visit the FAQ page.