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OnBase to replace Gmedia Imaging System

The TWU Office of Technology has completed the infrastructure and installation of OnBase, a document digitization, management and workflow solution. OnBase will replace the current Gmedia Imaging System. Currently, a process is in work to implement and migrate multiple departments into this new, streamlined system.

If your department would like to migrate to OnBase, please reference this article for instructions:

How this affects current Gmedia users

  • Migration of all current and historical data in Gmedia is currently being replicated into OnBase.
  • The date when access to Gmedia will be turned off is to be determined. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use OnBase once implementation for their department is completed.
  • All new Grad Form workflow, transcripts and other university-related documents scanned by the Offices of Admissions Processing and the Registrar will be scanned into OnBase in the near future. The date for this transition will be announced shortly. At that time, if you currently view or retrieve data from document images stored in Gmedia, you will use OnBase.

What to expect

  • A change in what you see: OnBase will look different than Gmedia. There will be a new graphical user interface.
  • Streamlined processes and slight changes to business process: OnBase provides easy access to documents and supports departmental workflows.
  • Web Client application: Document retrieval will be available from Access to documents in OnBase will be similar to your current Gmedia functionality. If you do not have the access you require, please complete an IT ticket requesting the access needed.

Upcoming training

OnBase training will be held 3-4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 17 in MCL 101 (auditorium).

The session will also be streamed at

The recorded session will be available after training. It is recommended that all Gmedia users attend training.

If you have questions, would like to schedule a departmental training, or would like to bring your department into OnBase, please contact Elizabeth Precht at