Get to know Google Drive File Stream

Earlier this year, Google released a new product to make file management easier for Google Drive users. You can see and find your files in Google Drive on your computer with Drive File Stream. You can:

  • Save specific files and folders offline, including Team Drives.
  • View and organize your files in your computer’s file system, such as:
    • Explorer on Windows
    • Finder on macOS
  • Open files with apps installed on your computer.
  • See all of your files in Google Drive without using storage space on your computer.

You have the power to install Google Drive File Stream: 

  1. Before installing Google Drive File Stream, you'll need to uninstall the Google Drive sync app. 
  2. After uninstalling the older app, locate the Software Center on your work computer. (In Windows, click the Start/Windows button and type "software center.") 
  3. In the Applications tab, single-click Drive File Stream
  4. Click the Install button. 
  5. A new G:\ drive should be viewable in Explorer or Finder. 

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk